Much has been said about Noora’s Cagliostro. We can only repeat over and over again what a loyal, charming, wise and kind horse ”Cagli” was. He gave us so many experiences and joy but also taught Noora a lot about riding and this sport.

”Cagli” was the nicest horse to ride; people who didn’t sit on him never could understand how light he was! Nice to aids, on the leg, with a great uphill canter. And of course the scope.. Him being a stallion was never a problem. There was a day when no course felt too big for us, when Cagli was at his prime and in great condition. We always sensed that Cagli really wanted to jump for Noora; it’s a very special feeling which not so many horses can give you. Some horses just really want to be partners with you – and Cagli sure did. We had so much fun, traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Rio de Janeiro, Finland, all over Europe.. So many memories. Great results with tons of 150cm placings, being third in 155cm at Kuala Lumpur, third in Gera Grand Prix, fourth at Ypäjä GP, 11th at Helsinki World Cup, jumping Aachen WEG and Europeans both at Mannheim and Windsor, many Global Tour Grand Prix classes..

Trusted partner and friend, that’s what Cagli was to us. He had amazing physical abilities for jumping but most of all he had a heart of gold. Cagli will always have a very special place in our memories.